Classes with Julie are always adventurous and fun! Julie is incredibly knowledgable and passionate about yoga! Her enthusiasm is what makes every class so incredible! ~Robyn

What a great class! Everyone just raved about Julie’s class! ~Sabrina

I attended one of Julie’s AcroYoga classes for the first time over a year ago and have been addicted ever since! The energy, knowledge and fun spiritedness that she brings to her classes is unlike any yoga practice I’ve been to before. ~Jenica 

Julie’s enthusiasm for AcroYoga and her dedication to her students, are both so palpable that their infectious! Now add that to a practice founded on the principles of grace, trust, and community… and you have a winning combination.  ~T.B.

I have to admit, before my first AcroYoga class, I was nervous. Not just for myself, but I was worried for my partner. But I couldn’t of been more wrong… Julie explained step by step, how to make these moves surprisingly achievable and so much fun! I realized when I was upside down, and my shoulder’s resting effortlessly on the sole of Julie’s feet, that she knew what she was doing. Enjoy your class, have fun, trust in Julie!                             ~Anson

I came to my first AcroYoga class with Julie questioning “Can I do this?” I left asking “When can I do this again?”. Julie successfully creates a safe and lighthearted space where you overlook how hard you’re working and do things you never thought possible. I can’t decide what’s the best part of an AcroYoga class with Julie; how hilarious she is or how really ridiculously good looking her base is. ~Damian a.k.a. her base.

I just LOVE Julie’s classes! I have never felt so connected and aware of my breath as I do when she teaches the Hatha classes at our studio. Keep up the great work Julie! ~A.

If you haven’t been to one of Julie’s classes, put it on your bucket list. She’s a fantastic instructor that will make you laugh and will help you accomplish things that you never thought you would be able to do in a million years!         ~Kyla


Your class this morning was so awesomely perfect in ways words cannot fully describe – thank you…


I love resetting my body every week with something a little different, yet complimentary to pole dancing. AcroYoga is so amazing for building strength and stability. Thank you Julie!

~Taij M

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