The best version of my story...

Lulu Ambassador

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil  and raised by my grandparents with love and care is how I spent my formative years. Eventually, I found myself living in Canada with my mother and 3 siblings, and this is where my journey begins.

Like many, my initial interest in Yoga was more of a physical one, but it wasn’t long until I noticed how nourishing and rejuvenating it was for my mind and soul.

After dabbling with many kinds of yoga, I found myself back in my home land of Brazil training with David Lee Lurey, and it was there that I got my first taste of AcroYoga. I knew right then and there, that this was the practice for me and shortly after receiving my 200hr YTT in Vinyasa, I returned to Canada to continue my yoga practice.

In August 2012, after years of immersion and training with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met, I became the 2nd AcroYoga SF certified teacher in Canada.

I am so privileged to have been able to study and train under Jenny and Jason of AcroYoga San Francisco.  My luck did not end there, I have met so many other amazing individuals, who have not only furthered my practice, but have opened my eyes to the definition of inspiration.  I’m astonished to think of how much i’ve grown and blossomed since starting my journey; I’m excited to know that yoga has so much left to teach me. I have been very blessed with the opportunity to watch as the AcroYoga seeds i’ve been planting, not only in Edmonton, but also in my many travels, are hatching and steadily growing into a thriving community. Without my students constant support and interest I could not have made it to this point in my own journey, and although we have a ways to go, i know that through the spreading and sowing of their own Acroyoga seeds, this community and many others will continue to thrive.

People who feel superb about themselves generate superb results, and I want to help generate that, even if it’s flying one by one.